November 16th Ron & Mary Carr score a 6 ender in Doubles.  Congratulations.


The first week of curling has been great and we are most impressed with how all members are embracing the new COVID curling standards.  Looking forward to a fantastic curling season. 
Here are a few Covid Clarifications:

  • Please pay attention to the schedule and if your team is listed to disinfect please arrive 30 minutes before start time.  All other curlers should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before start time.
  • Upon entering the lounge, go to a chair at the table reserved for your sheet.
  • Don’t rearrange the chairs unless you are moving closer to your spouse/partner.
  • The Vices will now disinfect the rocks to allow the skips to move down the ice.
  • The Skip with the hammer will now clean the scorecards.
  • The Vice of the team with the yellow rocks should keep score for both teams.
  • To avoid congestion, the Vice and Skip should enter the ice first.  The Lead and Second can enter the ice once the Vice starts sanitizing the rock handles.
  • For the first rock, the team with the hammer immediately goes to stand on the circles.  The team delivering the first rock should get ready to deliver their rock.
  • Remember, if you can reach out with your broom and touch another person you are too close.
  • We strongly recommend that everyone install the Covid Alert app on their phone

It was great to see that the new curling process is working well for us.  Here is a summary of where you should be positioned on the ice (highlighted in this video 


  • Non delivering team should be on the circles between the hog lines on your sheet when the other team is preparing to deliver.  
  • After delivery, non delivering team should walk along the edge of the sheet (along line of circles) towards the hack (move as soon as the rock is delivered).  
  • For delivering team, the non active sweeper should start on the curtain (just off ice) and follow down the ice with the delivery of the rock.  
  • The delivering team should move up the middle of the sheet and once the non delivering team has moved past you down the side of the sheet you should move to the side to one of the circles.
  • In summary, the delivering team moves down the middle and the non delivering team moves down the side until you have passed all of your opponents. 

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