1. Game will consist of 8 ends. 5 Rock Rule.

2. A minimum of 6 ends must be played.  If both teams agree to end game after 6 or 7 complete ends, the winning team will be awarded an additional 1 1/4 point for each end not completed.

3. Scoring system will be 10 points for a win, 5 points for a tie, 1 point per end and ¼ point per rock, to a maximum of 12 rocks (3points). Maximum points per game = 21 points.

4If you cannot make your game, you are responsible for finding a spare. Spares must be a member of this club and can be found on our website at  Go to Member’s Home – League Information – Find a Spare.  You should also call on the teams with a bye for spares.  If a spare is required for skip, no skip from another team will be allowed to skip your team.  Spares can not play at a higher position of the missing team member.

i.e. a spare for a lead can play as lead only
i.e. a spare for a second can play as second or lead
i.e. a spare for a missing vice can play as vice or lower
i.e. a spare for a missing skip can only play as vice or lower

5.  Each team must have a minimum of two regular team members and two spares maximum, or forfeit the game.
Teams must have three curlers present, or forfeit the game. If a team should need to forfeit their game, the other team would receive 15 points.

6Coin toss by the vices of each team will determine hammer. Loser of toss choses rock colour.

7. Vices of each team mark the scoreboard.

8Score sheets must be handed in to the convenor after each game. Winning team completes the score sheet.

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